About Us

Fewa known for its versatility, simplicity and elegance and always working towards new ideas and creativity, keeping our products always fresh and intriguing. Fewa eaarnded the recognition for its high quality in the pashmina sector as one of the 4 companies in Nepal, who produce the top quality products. This award was given after government testing of the products from various companies. We are also listed as  the 11th best exporting company of Nepal in 2014.

We are a manufacturer and distributor of finest quality of cashmere products. However, cashmere is not just a product for us; it is a cultural legacy that has been passed down for countless generations. It is a tradition, and a heritage that defines us. The original word for Cashmere is Pashmina and the word Pashmina is derived from Persian word “pashm” meaning wool. The Cashmere wool comes from the underbelly of a special type of mountain goat. These goats are mainly found in the mountain region where the altitude is 12,000 to 14,000 feet with piercing cold temperature of up to -33 degrees Fahrenheit.



The production of Cashmere wool dates back thousands of years to ancient Nepal, a landlocked country located in South Asia between India and China . When the Sherpas, mountain folk, realized about the warmth mountain goats’ wool carried, they made clothes out of the wool to help them cope with the copious, harsh cold weather. They weaved the wool into clothing by hand and this process continues even today.

Cashmere is a symbol of status: it is a representation of a luxurious lifestyle. They were popularly used by Emperors, Kings, Rulers, and others of such ascendancy. Although cashmere products have been popular with aristocracy in the past, they are now widely popular among luxury enthusiast.


We have been a part of this tradition since 1990 when we first started the journey with a handloom and the kitchen as a dying unit. We named our little family “Fewa Pashmina”. Since our beginnings, each of our creations are uniquely made with utmost care and attention. We just don’t manufacture cashmere products; we create dexterity every time.

Our first humble outlet in Thamel, a tourist hub in Kathmandu, Nepal, is where we were exposed to all the different facets of this luxurious fabric. Since then we have grown


and have been working even harder to create unprecedented quality of our innovative products. We have succeeded to be one of the very few Certified Cashmere Manufacturers in Nepal. Our thirst for fresh ideas is clearly visible in our products. We owe our success primarily to our esteemed clients for their patronage, and to our creative team for their utmost dedication.

We are based on a core value to provide an unparalleled quality of cashmere collections with our dedicated service to our customers. We have gone far lengths to make our customers happy. This is what we feel, what we believe, and what we have been doing. Our customers are not just customers to us. We develop long-term relationships with them and consequently they keep coming back to us. We strive to see the smile of satisfaction in each of our customer’s faces. This is what keeps our team going and motivates us to provide better service each day. Our products are made from the highest and finest quality of cashmere. Each piece is beautifully handcrafted by a group of artisans with rigorous experience. When you wear one of our cashmere, you are not just wearing a cashmere you are being a part of the opulent legacy that has existed for years in the Himalayas.


Our Company during the  2015 Earthquake have gone all out of our way to reach out to our people by donating clothes, blankets and rebuilding shelters in the affected areas of Nepal. We are currently supporting single mothers with children from "Kiran Namaste" an NGO, by employing mothers to work for us. We are also in the process of getting our company evaluated and getting a Fair Trade Certification in the near future.