What We offer

We have always made sure that our highest quality products has always been accompanied by unmatched service to our clients. We are determined to provide best and only best service to our customers. We understand the imporatnce of trust that we get from our customers and always strive to maintain the trust. Following are few things that we offer as a manufacturing unit for our buyers:

Quick Turnaround: With all manufacturing system in place, we offer a quick turnaround of 2-6 weeks and work intricately with design and production team as needed. Our manufacturing unit has the capability to manufacture thousands of quantity each month, however we are flexible enough to take orders as low as 15 pieces in each design or color.

Private Label: We have done private label for notable brand names in the US and UK. We offer private label for small as well as large quantities.

Full package factory for design houses: From sampling to the actual order, we will work with  design houses every steps of the way according to their requirements and specifications. With years of experience, we have mastered the art of weaving and knitting and have the capability to make any complex designs in cashmere and silk or both.

Expertise on various styles and blends: With experienced pattern maker and an in-house fashion designer, we have the capability of working with any knitting and weaving pattern. We work with various patterns like plain, twill, jacquard, herringbone, plaid and basket weave. We work with cashmere, cashmere and silk blends and various other blend with  linen, satin, shiffon and organic cotton.

Hand Embroidery and Beading: Cashmere itself is a luxurious fabric, but a touch of hand beading and embroidery on that fabric makes it unique. We offer a group of artisans specialized in the art of hand beading and embroidery.

Unique spin on our own color palette: We offer more than 120 beautiful shades that you can choose from. In addition, we have the capability to make any colors you want. We only use the highest quality of colors and follow the process such that the color does not wear out or bleed.

Tie Dyes: We have taken several tie dyes orders from various fashion designers and brand names. Thus, we offer the wide variety of experience and expertise in this field.

Factory Visit: Every year we invite our valued customers to experience the journey of Cashmere from its conception to its final product at our factory. The factory visit is accompanied by a Nepalses luch and a grand sale at exclusive price only meant for that day. We offer invitation to production houses and designers to come to our factory and work with our team to bring their design to life. We have always opened our gates and welcome our customer to our factory and will continue to do so in the future.