Cashmere Care

Cashmere products are made from natural fiber so they are very fragile. The fragile nature of the fiber makes cashmere products delicate. Thus the product needs a lot of care when it comes to cleaning and storing. Pilling of the cashmere or lint in the product could be a problem if you do not take proper care of the product.

Cleaning the Cashmere:

Dry cleaning is the recommended way for cleaning cashmere products. However, if you wish to wash it yourself at home we strongly recommend that you follow the following steps.

Fill a container with lukewarm water and add detergent. You can either use a mild detergent designed for delicate clothes that does not contain bleach or a mild shampoo. Mix the detergent or the shampoo in the water properly until lathers are formed.

Place the products into the lathered water and keep squeezing the product gently for two minutes. Do not twist or rub the cashmere.

After two minutes, rinse the cashmere with fresh water in squeezing motion till it’s completely washed.

After the cashmere is completely washed, squeeze it gently to make it as dry as possible.

Lay it flat on top of a dry garment like towel and dab the moisture out of it by another towel or paper towel. Reverse the side to dry but never hang the product.

Do not use dryer or direct sunlight for drying.

After the cashmere product is dry, fold it and store it.

If you want to iron it, always iron in low heat with steam.

Preventing the Pilling:

Pilling is a phenomenon of formation of small balls on the surface of the cashmere products. Pilling in cashmere is an inevitable phenomenon however taking proper care of your cashmere product will prevent pilling. Dry cleaning the cashmere or washing it by hands following the procedure listed above can dramatically minimize the pilling.  Rubbing or twisting the cashmere products can break the fiber and result in pilling, so handling these products carefully can prevent pilling. No matter how much you care, certain amount of pilling is unavoidable. Simply pluck such pilings and iron the products in low heat with steam.